"The Hour" Review

Opening with a somber-yet-expansive soundscape that gently transitions into a beautiful, yearning marriage of instruments and voices, "The Hour" continues to seamlessly integrate layer upon layer of organic depth (especially an achingly-sorrowful violin) as it hypnotically traverses a  landscape that reflects the chaotic realities - and healing opportunities - of this "uncertain era".      

Nadia's vocal harmonies - ranging from indigenous chants to a mantra of evocative urgency - display a talent whose immersive and diverse singing abilities have merged with the soul of an empathic and aware poet. The listener would not require any introduction from the artist to grasp the underlying theme of Nadia's observations and reflections regarding the many crises that face our peoples, and the planet as a whole.  "The Hour' is a heartfelt prayer of rhythmic realization  seeking to empower the emancipatory spirit of the transcendent human masterpiece.   - Tim Mcclew



Nadia Di Gregorio’s life path has been guided by two inner callings which fuel both her creative passions and her desire to seek out truth in all its forms: acquiring knowledge and understanding with regards to the “hidden workings” of the world (and humanity’s current situation); and using the gifts of her vocal talent and song-crafting abilities to produce music that allows her to share her ever-evolving insights with receptive audiences. Born into a musical household, and maturing into a classically-trained (and seasoned performer) of traditional Italian songlines by the time she was a teenager, Nadia’s career arc over the following decade saw her work on both solo and group projects with a variety of talented producers, musicians and engineers, which further assisted in her artistic growth and creative self-awareness. In her late twenties, having made the choice to move on from a career focus and delve into a personal exploration of what lay behind the “veil of consensus reality” in order to become more connected to her life purpose, Nadia experienced an existential and spiritual crisis. This manifested itself on the physical level in the loss of her singing voice, which relayed to her the clear message that - in order to design a new path for herself - listening must become her sole practice. Her subsequent devotion to the art of fully-grounded presence (in combination with deeply-transcendent acquisitions of esoteric and personal learning) has provided Nadia with a totally-new approach to her craft, her voice, her desire, and her vision for assisting in the healing of the human condition. Her art is the expression of the collective Shadow and its impact on our lives, and through that acknowledgment, allowing every individual to re-discover our interconnectedness to one another - and the Earth itself.

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